“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others” 

Your Participation

  • The word Shramdaan literally translates to “Donation of labour” in Hindi. It includes tasks involving any kind of physical activity. In the past, volunteering was done for marathons organized by the Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) and as paid yard work. Tutoring students and food sales at various events are other potential activities we are considering. Volunteering activities are a great way to promote teamwork and also fundraising. Since AID Minnesota has been registered as a student group, there will be additional opportunities for volunteering at university events in the future.

    So, join us to help create a brighter future!! If you are interested, contact our team.
  • The central database of AID enlists projects submitted by NGOs on prevalent social issues from all over India. These issues are based on different categories such as education, women empowerment, environment, etc. Volunteers may get involved in various activities related to project management, as mentioned below:

    •Project Review: Volunteers from every chapter can select a project from the database and conduct a detailed review of the project proposal, site visit reports and NGO background. It has to be ensured that the NGO and project goals meet the policies and principles of AID. The reviewer delivers a presentation and answers questions raised by other volunteers at a monthly meeting.

    •Project Monitoring: Once a project has been approved for funding, it is the responsibility of the chapter’s project coordinator to oversee implementation of the proposed strategies in the grass root level. He/she needs to coordinate with the NGO and keep track of progress in order to ensure compliance with the predetermined timeline.

    •Site Visit: AID volunteers perform site visits from time to time during travel to India. The project sites usually belong to NGOs who are the existing or potential partners of the chapter. Visits are done to monitor progress, assess quality of work and understand problems. A site visit report is prepared which is usually uploaded in the central database.
  • Raising money to fund projects back in India is an integral part of our efforts. An effective option is enlarging our donor base, by convincing people to enroll for periodic or one time contributions through the website. Most AID volunteers voluntarily sign up for donations through the website, themselves. Shramdaan and volunteering are other options. Some of our volunteers are running the twin city marathon (26.2 miles) to raise funds. Please find the link for that below: https://events.runforindia.org/minnesota/2016
  • We meet once in a month to review projects, plan for fund raising events and discuss other administrative aspects of AID Minnesota chapter. The meeting is mostly on Thursday of third week of a month at 7 pm at 804 9th ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. The details about the meeting will be posted in event page.Minutes of the meeting are uploaded in a google document available to all members.
Minnesota chapter email: [email protected]
Biswaranjan Mohanty, [email protected]
Sandhya Koteshwara, [email protected]
Gaurav Nayak [email protected]
Saurav Talukdar, [email protected]
Overall Project Coordinator:
Sakshi Arya, [email protected]
Event Coordinator:
Siddharth Iyengar, [email protected]
Fundraising Coordinator:
Soumen Ghosh, [email protected]
Publication Coordinator:
Ankit Saini, [email protected]

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