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Run for Change

AID Minnesota presents RUN for CHANGE: A Mile for a Smile 

Running is one of the best cardio exercises for fitness. It increases stamina, burns fat, improves heart rate and boosts mental health as well.

Run for Change (RFC) is a community building initiative of AID Minnesota to unite people from diverse backgrounds with the common goal of a better society. As a part of Run for Change, you can train with our experienced team to compete in a professional running event. This training will be free of cost and the objective is to enable individuals to raise funds for social causes through their runs. Raising funds through running is not compulsory but if you do so, we would consider it a success of our mission. 

Don’t worry if you have never run before. Our team welcomes beginners and the team spirit will keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goal.  Advanced runners will receive training to improve their performance. Our activities will include exploring the wonderful running and biking trails of Minneapolis, nutritional and injury free running tips and recreational activities around the lakes of Minneapolis. We will meet twice in a week for the group run.  

The sole purpose of RFC is to raise awareness, funds and interest for the various non-profit ventures by AID-India. Every year, through this program, our awesome runners raise thousands of dollars that support multiple grassroots projects in India. Last year AID Minnesota raised about $3,100 through this program. Fundraising is completely voluntary.

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